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Price list
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Shirts and blouses
Shirts and blouses
Hung Shirt 75 CZK
Folded shirt 90 CZK
Blouse 75 CZK
T- shirt 70 CZK
T- shirt polo 75 CZK
Suits and blazers
Suits and blazers
Two - piece suit 530 CZK
Suit jacket 280 CZK
Trousers 250 CZK
Waistcoat 150 CZK
Coats and jackets
Coats and jackets
Coat 350 CZK
Hollow fiber coat 350 CZK
Feather coat 460 CZK
Hollow fiber jacket 350 CZK
Feather jacket 440 CZK
Summer jacket 280 CZK
Feather vest 350 CZK
Hollow fiber vest 250 CZK
Fur coat 1000 CZK
Leather jacket 900 CZK
Dresses and skirts
Dresses and skirts
Short dress 350 CZK
Evening robe 490 CZK
Wedding dress 890 CZK
Skirt 240 CZK
Pleated dress 320 CZK
Trousers 250 CZK
Shorts 140 CZK
Tracksuit 140 CZK
Sweater or sweatshirt 135 CZK
Bolero 135 CZK
Tunic 220 CZK
Tie 120 CZK
Bowtie 110 CZK
Scarf 110 CZK
Hat 160 CZK
Belt, sash 120 CZK
Overall 190 CZK
Underwear - 1 pc 30 CZK
Bra 70 CZK
Pyjamas 170 CZK
Socks - 1 pair 35 CZK
Swimsuit 100 CZK
Apron 60 CZK
Skiing jacket 350 CZK
Skiing trousers 350 CZK
Skiing overall 410 CZK
Gloves 130 CZK
Winter hat 100 CZK
Backpack 290 CZK
Sleeping bag 330 CZK
Feather sleeping bag 480 CZK
Underwear 110 CZK
Moto jacket 360 CZK
Moto trousers 260 CZK
Laundry service
Laundry service
Wash and fold (price per kg) 95 CZK
Home textiles
Home textiles
Drape - up to 12m2 570 CZK
Drape - up to 6m2 420 CZK
Drape - up to 3m2 280 CZK
Curtains, up to 12m2 450 CZK
Curtains - up to 6m2 260 CZK
Curtains - up to 3m2 140 CZK
Tablecloth 90 CZK
Dishtowel 50 CZK
Cover - 3 pieces 450 CZK
Cover - 2 pieces 390 CZK
Armchair cover 220 CZK
Pet bed 420 CZK
Footmuff 420 CZK
Bedroom, bathroom
Bedroom, bathroom
Mattress cover double bed 630 CZK
Mattress cover 420 CZK
Pillow - large 270 CZK
Pillow - small 170 CZK
Blanket 350 CZK
Blanket double bed 670 CZK
Feather blanket 440 CZK
Pillow case 50 CZK
Feather blanket double bed 810 CZK
Bedding cover blanket double bed 160 CZK
Bedding cover blanket 80 CZK
Sheet double bed 150 CZK
Sheet 100 CZK
Bed linen (featherbed, pillow, sheet) 200 CZK
Towel 90 CZK
Towel - small 50 CZK
Bathrobe 160 CZK
Throw blanket for a bed 360 CZK
Throw blanket for a double bed 530 CZK
Guilt (blanket) 230 CZK
Guilt (blanket) double 390 CZK
Ironing only
Ironing only
Shirt 70 CZK
Trousers 120 CZK
Long dress 240 CZK
Short dress 140 CZK
Skirt 120 CZK
Suit jacket 130 CZK
Waterproofing & Finishing
Waterproofing & Finishing
Waterproofing 110 CZK
Finishing 70 CZK
Deep clean of sneakers with waterproofing 460 CZK
Formal shoes cleaning 460 CZK
Top piece replacement 360 CZK
Waterproofing 75 CZK
New sole 300 CZK
Soles gluing 250 CZK
Price per m2 450 CZK

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Common questions
About us
We are a professional dry cleaner and ironing service that will pick up your laundry and deliver it to your building without having to go anywhere, meet the opening hours, or meet anyone.
When is my order back in the locker?
You can choose from the classic delivery time, 2 working days, or express within 1 working day for an additional fee. Skin cleaning and tailoring services take about a week. Also, if you have a stain and we need to clean the clothes more times, it will take us a longer time.
The whole process is very simple. Put your dirty laundry into the locker and lock it under any four-digit code. Then create an order on our website. We will take care of your order and send you payment instructions. You can find the link for online payment under your account on our website. After payment, you will receive a sms with a box number and a password.
Services we offer
We offer cleaning and laundry. If you choose this service, we will automatically clean your clothes according to the manufacturer's instructions, iron them and hang them on a hanger. Prices in the price list already include ironing. We also offer ironing only if you use, for example, a specific washing powder. You can also choose to adjust and repair clothes. With this service, the delivery time is longer, about a week. We also clean and repair shoes, here please also count on a processing time of about a week.
In the first step we will ask you for a very short registration, where we will want your name and surname, contact and the building in which you will use LaundryBox, then you can create an order.
To put your laundry to the locker
If you stand by the locker with your clothes, put it in any open locker and lock it under code by entering any four-digit number and pressing the green button. You do not give us the code. Then create an online order.
If your laundry is in the locker, create an order under your profile here on the website. Fill in what service you require, what type of cover you want and the number of the locker where you put your laundry. You do not need to tell us the code you used to lock the locker.
How do I know the locker number?
The locker number is written on each locker in the front.
Collection and delivery
Is my laundry transported gently?
Your laundry is carried with extreme caution so that nothing happens.
Is it necessary to meet a courier?
LaundryBox works without having to meet our messenger or call and talk to him. You only put your laundry into the locker, we will deliver it back and notify you by sms or application that your laundry is perfectly clean ready for you.
How we dry-clean your order
We will take your laundry to the dry cleaners where they will decide, based on the cleaning instructions and experience, what type of cleaning to use to ensure a perfect result. We will contact you if necessary.
How and when do I have to pay?
When your order is back in the locker we send you link for secure payment. You can find the payment link on our website under your profile. After payment, we will send you number of the locker with the four-digit code to open it.
Discount 150 CZK for your first order
We give you 150 CZK discount for your first order which is applied automatically.