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ecological detergents

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Cleaning. Washing. Ironing.

All taken care of by Laundrybox – a magical box in your building. Put your dirty clothes inside and pick them up a couple days later, perfectly clean and ironed. Enjoy the comfort of paying on-line for the same price as at regular dry cleaner’s.

Your trip to dry cleaner’s has never been shorter.

Dry - cleaning and washing

Laundry is perfectly and carefully cleaned. We can guarantee the best quality possible.


Clean and fold, perfectly ironed shirts - dress to impress has never been this simple.

Adjustment of clothing

We sew the button, shorten the pants. Write your wish into an order comment.

Repair and shoes polishing

Get your shoes cleaned and shined back. We even repair the broken heel.

Prices for popular services

Hung Shirt

60,- Kč


200,- Kč

Two - piece suit

390,- Kč


320,- Kč

Hollow fiber jacket

310,- Kč

Short dress

140,- Kč

We use the most advanced technology, so that your laundry is perfectly and carefully cleaned and we could guarantee you the best quality possible.

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Our advantages

Maximal comfort

Don’t drive anywhere. Don’t care about opening hours. Don’t wait in line. Do everything you need right in your building.

Free transport

We will pick your clothes up and bring them back free of charge.

Best cleaning

We take no shortcuts at the cleaning technology and the result speaks for itself. Don’t settle for a compromise.

95% of orders finished in two days

Don’t waste your time. Your clothes will be clean before you can mess up the next batch.

150 CZK discount on your first order

Try us out with our limited offer of 150 CZK discount. Cleaning and ironing of three shirts will cost you only 30 CZK.

Environmentally responsible (No plastic waste)

We care about our environment. We are working on a replacement for plastic packaging, and we support returnable bags by subsidizing their price.

Increase your life comfort...

Our services are avaliable to residents and tenats,
where it is possbile, we offer our services to public as well.

  • Office
  • Residence
  • access for public
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LaundryBox is an innovative dry cleaning service that guarantees you comfort, highest quality of dry cleaning and saves your precious time. LaundryBox is a locker system that allows you to take advantage of dry cleaning services without having to go anywhere, meet the opening hours or meet a courier. 95% of orders are delivered in 2 business days. Try our professional services or contact us if you are interested in LaundryBox in your building.